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Documentation related with My Netflix Catalog in MSDN Samples:

  1. Creating portable code in Windows Store Apps (PCL + MVVM + OData Services)
  2. Consuming Odata Service in Windows Store Apps (Include MVVM Pattern)
  3. Sharing Code between Windows Store and Windows Phone App (PCL + MVVM + OData)
  4. Sharing Code: Adding NavigationService


Note:  Because Netflix API is down, theses sample can be used with FakeServiceManager

In ViewModelLocator you will find it:

// FakeServiceManager.FakeImagePath = "ms-appx:///Images/FakeImage.png"; // //SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IServiceManager, FakeServiceManager>(); SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IServiceManager, ServiceManager>();

Change to 

 FakeServiceManager.FakeImagePath = "ms-appx:///Images/FakeImage.png"; SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IServiceManager, FakeServiceManager>()

 //;SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IServiceManager, ServiceManager>();

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